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The Wesley Peachtree Group, CPAs


Annual Audit

Your annual audit may be required, but it is also an important diagnostic tool. It provides a foundation for planning based on fiscal health and performance. When you engage WPG for your independent audit, you can be certain our team of experienced professionals with provide exceptional, value-added services, on point and on time.


Assurance services provide you with results you can rely upon for critical decision making. Our associates are knowledgeable, well-informed, and discrete.

Reliable Services

We endeavor to work within time constraints. Whether you are faced with potential penalties or want to avoid a missed business opportunity, you can be sure our auditors will make every effort to close out by the date specified. We make every effort to meet your deadlines. In fact, we have never missed a deadline imposed by our client, regulatory or governmental body.

Actionable Insights

We endeavor to understand those risks, practices, and compliance issues peculiar to your industry and those specific to your organization. Our adherence to industry standards and a rigorous quality control process, means your audit will reveal actionable insights. We also conduct financial statement reviews and compilations, if this is the level of service needed.

Precision Tools

WPG leverages the latest technology, internally developed tools, and years of experience to complete your audit in a timely fashion. Each audit goes through our quality review process. Our team communicates critical information to audit committees and management alike. Any material misstatements found will be communicated with integrity, transparency, and strict confidentiality.

Extended Value

An audit provides critical information pertaining to the health of your institution or organization. This data is critical for developing the successful strategies and tactics that will help you reach your goals.

We can benchmark your financial results to your industry peers and industry performance targets. An accurate assessment of your current condition is critical tool and can help you achieve your objectives. Our high quality audit will let you know exactly where you stand. Our auditors are knowledgeable and efficient and they operate with integrity and transparency.