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Student Financial Aid Processing

The Wesley Peachtree Group, CPAs

Student Financial Aid Processing
Expeditious, Efficient Administrative Task Management for Error and Noncompliance Reduction


Our services include training, on-site and remote student financial aid processing options, long and short term staffing, and training. We do a thorough operational process and compliance assessments and work with you to develop internal controls and operational processes that not only comply with regulations but are efficient and practical.

On-site Services

Our on-site student financial aid processing keeps your student financial aid office running smoothly and efficiently during the tumultuous registration period. We offer pre-audit and pre-program review assessment and remediation to help you avoid findings. In the event there have been findings, our financial aid specialists will help you file appropriate well-documented responses. Our on-site services include financial aid processing, training, return to Title IV (RT24) calculations, program reconciliation, and recruitment.

Remote Services

Remote financial aid processing services is an option that can save space, manpower, and resources. Whether you want to dedicate your efforts to advising or simply need to reduce your administrative burden, WPG can provide remote services that keep you financial aid office running smoothly and effectively. Our remote services significantly reduce your administrative burden so you can, for example, focus on providing on-site advisory services. Our remote services include FISAP management, record maintenance, reconciliation, return to Title IV, verification, institutional student information records (ISIR) processing, satisfactory student progress (SAP) monitoring, and student communication processing (award packaging/award notification). We will work with you to develop a solution constructed to meet your needs.


The death or unanticipated loss of personnel in your financial aid office can cripple your ability to handle student financial aid and endanger your compliance and participation in Title IV programs. Our financial aid specialists have the expertise to keep your office running smoothly. Avoid over-working your remaining staff and losing students through financial aid mismanagement. We can fill most positions including administrator, staff, director, and chief financial officer. We provide critical recruitment services as well.