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Not-for-Profit Organizations

The Wesley Peachtree Group, CPAs

Not-for-Profit Organizations
Prioritized Financial Management Benefits Your Mission

Focus on the Standards

To keep your not-for-profit organization on track, you must manage cashflow, bookkeeping, record keeping and applicable filings. Financial management should be handled in a professional manner in accordance with industry standards, current regulations, and your contracts, and agreements. This helps to ensure donations and funding are not interrupted or jeopardized.

Professionalism and Stability

Most not-for-profits rely heavily upon volunteers. While this is common, it is not without risks.

As a full service accounting firm, we can hep you mitigate the risks that often challenge the survival of not-for-profit organizations. Our services include: training, outsourcing, reestablishing suspended nonprofit status, accurate and punctual filing, bookkeeping and accounting, risk management, consulting and strategic planning statement of financial position, statement of activities, statement of cash flows, change in net assets donation tracking, and grant compliance.

WPG shares the vision of its not-for-profit clients and provides the necessary services to drive the mission to success. The following is a sample of our services.