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Tax Planning and Filing

The Wesley Peachtree Group, CPAs

Tax Planning and Filing
Planning is Vital to Long Term Strategy

Strategic Planning

Creating and executing a sound plan to control expenses is a proven method of minimizing federal and state tax liabilities to the least possible amount. Our tax experts will help your business or not-for-profit organization develop a strategic tax plan and prepare and file all the required forms.

Failure to adjust to changes in the tax code can be more detrimental than failure to adjust to changes in the market or political climate. Our experts will help you understand what the recent tax reform means for your business. We thoroughly review your accounting method and business model to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and determine if adjustments would be advantageous. We use that data to develop a strategic plan that will help you avoid fines and other penalties while minimizing your taxes as much as possible. At every step of the way we deliver prompt, efficient, and effective tax services with integrity and complete confidentiality.

Tax Return Preparation and Filing

Our experts are experienced in preparing and filing all types of tax returns including individual, estate, fiduciary, corporate, sole proprietorship, general partnership, federal, state, payroll, sales and use, non profit, HOA, and retirement plan. Our tax planning and research services can help you minimize taxes while fully complying with the tax code. If and when it is necessary, we are happy to provide IRS representation.