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In addition to the issues faced by the higher education community at large, HBCUs and other minority-serving institutions face unique challenges. Keeping abreast of problems and proffered solutions, current events, and regulatory changes has become a daunting task.

Administrators have so much on their plates already. As part of its mission of service to higher education and to simplify that task WPG founded the HBCU News newsletter in October 2016. The newsletter is distributed via email on a monthly basis. It serves as a “one-stop resource” for news affecting HBCUs. It features positive news about HBCUs including:
  • Higher education news and issues
  • Award and grant notices
  • Information regarding leadership changes
  • Events, conferences, conventions, annual meetings
  • Deadlines for regulatory compliance (federal programs)
  • Other regulatory deadlines and updates
The newsletter contains no advertising and is editorially independent. Subscriptions are offered at no cost to HBCU administrators, advocates, and trustees. If you have never seen it, you can read a sample edition here.

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