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Faith-Based Entities

The Wesley Peachtree Group, CPAs

Faith-Based Entities
Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Unnecessary Risk

It is not uncommon for faith-based organizations to rely upon members to volunteer to handle bookkeeping and other day-to-day business functions. However, volunteers may not have the expertise to complete the necessary tasks correctly. Reliance on volunteer help can leave your faith-based organization vulnerable to unintentional errors and undetected fraud. This can put your organization at risk of running afoul of regulatory authorities and membership defection. Members and supporters want greater assurance that the financial records and transactions are accurate and reliable.

Compliance Audit

A compliance audit will help you assess your current operations, identify problems, and design solutions. WPG will help you meet your fiduciary obligations, maintain good fiscal health, and stay within the boundaries of current standards, best practices, and the law.

Accounting Services

We are a full service accounting firm. As such, we can provide all the accounting services you may need including on-site help and outsourced solutions. Our knowledgeable associates can help you manage your grants, funds, donations, payroll, and pledges. They will bring your office up to speed by designing security controls and procedures. This ensures your accounts will be reconciled properly and your organization will be prepared for audits.


We will train your staff to perform routine accounting tasks including data entry and payroll preparation. We will train your staff to observe important security measures. We offer software training as well.

At its core, our mission is to serve. Our faith-based clients know the value of our services. Our beliefs and devotion are at the heart of everything we do. We value the trust our clients place in us and honor it by delivering prompt, efficient effective services with integrity and respect.