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Privately Held Business

The Wesley Peachtree Group, CPAs

Privately-Held Business
Strategic Planning Helps You Stay Ahead

Foresight and Compliance

Ideally, your business will anticipate and comply with regulatory changes that impact your operations. However, if and when needed, WPG has the expertise and experience to help fill-in the gaps. As a full service public accounting firm, we can help you every step of the way. Whether you need temporary staffing, strategic planning, an audit, or tax planning, our dedicated professionals are ready to help.

Disruptions and Other Stresses

The 21st Century is an exciting time. Even the air seems brimming with potential success. However, it is also an uncertain time, with the potential for disruption always lurking. A trade war can disrupt your supply chain. An extreme weather even can close off major delivery routes. An app can render your products obsolete. Change is the only constant. Your business has to be prepared to take advantage of changes while avoiding and mitigating any negative effects. Our consulting and strategic planning services utilize sound data analysis techniques and risk analysis to help you develop a plan for sustainable profitable growth.