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Temporary Staffing, Training, and Outsourcing

The Wesley Peachtree Group, CPAs

Temporary Staffing, Training, and Outsourcing
Increasing Your Capacity to Excel

Temporary Staffing

WPG can fill your organization's temporary staffing needs. Our associates have wide-ranging experience in the corporate, higher education, non profit sectors. Many have served as CFOs, COOs, CBOs, office managers, finance administrators, bursars, bookkeepers, and accountants. With demonstrated expertise in administrative procedures, business processes, and accounting and enterprise software our associates will be an asset to your organization. Call or click here for information on filling your temporary staffing needs.


We conduct a thorough assessment of your training needs and build a program that capitalizes on your existing strengths and addresses current and future needs. We offer the option to cross train your team. Cross training can optimize efficiency and productivity and may improve your organization's chances of survival in the event of a sudden retirement, termination, illness, or tragedy. Call or click here for more information on training or cross training.


We are pleased to offer outsourcing for your organization's accounting, business, and financial processes. Our services allow your company to focus on, improve, or expand your core function while taking advantage of our experience and expertise. Call for more information on outsourcing with WPG.