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Higher Education

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Higher Education
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Financial Aid Administration

Our student financial aid experts include former higher education administrators. We are pleased to offer our consulting services to your administration.

Financial Aid Processing

Your college or university’s financial aid office can depend upon WPG to meet its day-to-day and emergency needs. Our services include both on-site and remote student financial aid processing, RT24 calculations, training, program reconciliation, and temporary staffing. We also provide Federal Perkins liquidations, assignments, and closeout audits, student loan default management service, and NSLDS compliance reporting.


As regulations governing colleges and universities grow more complex, compliance becomes more difficult. We can help your institution avoid penalties and fines by maintaining compliance with applicable regulations.

Annual Audit

Our value-added auditing services provide a deeper insight into your institution's fiscal standing for compliance as well as internal strategic planning. Our auditors are experienced higher education professionals with competencies and know-how to get the job done.

Program Review

Our pre-audit review can help you avoid audit exceptions. In the event you are subject to a program review that yields negative findings, our team will work with you to develop a plan and craft a response.

Outsourcing and Temporary Staffing

Our student financial aid experts are available for temporary staffing. We are able to fill most positions from financial aid staff to financial aid director to CFO and have done so successfully in the past.

Accreditation Support

We will support you through reaffirmation and help you address any noncompliance findings. Our team will assist you in drafting QEP and monitoring report responses. We are happy to serve as your accreditation liaison.

Custom Solutions

WPG provides custom solutions for colleges and universities. We assess your needs and processes and work with you to develop a custom solution.