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Heightened Cash Monitoring

The Wesley Peachtree Group, CPAs

Heightened Cash Monitoring Processing
Helping Institutions Get Back on Track

Financial Responsibility

Heightened Cash Monitoring (HCM) can make a bad situation worse. Institutions placed under HCM are often have several administrative and fiscal challenges. In December 2019, the most common reason for institutions to be placed on the heightened cash monitoring list was failure to maintain financial responsibility. Financial reasonability findings can be based upon concerns the Department has about an institution's fiscal health, a failing composite score, or existing un reconciled accounts.

HCM Processing and Management

Although certainly difficult, it is possible to manage HCM sanctions while successfully working to have them lifted. Managing the reimbursement process is key to maintaining a healthy cash flow and avoiding delays that impact enrollment and harm your reputation. Our financial aid experts will file reimbursement request forms accurately and punctually.

Return to Advance Payment Method

We will help you resolve the precipitating issues cited as causes for your institution being placed on HCM. We will review your office policies and procedures and check documentation of your processes and internal controls. We work to ensure your institution is in complete compliance and that your corrections and compliance initiatives are well documented. Our goal is to ensure your institution thrives despite; maintains administrative compliance; and returns to advance payment method and a fully normal relationship with the Department.