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Guest Posts

Article Submission Guidelines

As the nation's only minority-owned CPA firm specializing in higher education services, WPG constantly seeks ways to help minority serving institutions. Our annual HBCU Forum and the monthly WPG HBCU News are manifestations of that quest.

HBCU News provides information on events and issues pertinent to policy making, fiscal affairs, and governance. Our readers include presidents, CFO's, department heads, faculty, managers, trustees, and advocates.

We are delighted to accept guest contributions. Please follow the guidelines below when preparing your article.


Acceptable content will center around HBCUs, PBIs, HSIs, and/or Tribal Colleges. Our readers have expressed interest in:

Sustainability and growth

Business models

Facilities management

Opportunities to collaborate with peer institutions


Student success

Accreditation issues

Enrollment issues

Branding, marketing, and recruitment

Professional development

Governing boards


Technology Transfer

Joint Research Agreements

Degree programs

Security and emergency preparedness

Online programs

International Programs

Open source educational materials

The above list is not exhaustive. Please feel free to submit an article on the topic of your choice.


Length:1000 words (However, we may accept works that are as long as 1500 words or as short as 500 words.)

Tone:The tone should be professional. It need not be overly formal. However, please avoid crude or offensive language and try to limit use of jargon and buzzwords.

Style:We do not edit guest posts for style. You may use any of the popular style guides (Columbia Guide to Online Style, Chicago Manual of Style, or the Associated Press Stylebook, for example).

Proofing:Please proofread and spell check your article before submission. We may edit your work for length and clarity.

Images:Do not submit images with your article unless—1. they are indispensable and 2. you can provide a high-DPI version for Retina displays.



Credits and Attribution:You warrant that the piece is yours or you are authorized to use it. You may be asked to sign a release attesting to that fact. Use inline hypeprlinks rather than footnotes where applicable. A list of sources can be used in lieu of a bibliography.

Byline:Please provide your name as you would like it to appear. Also provide a short biography and a link to your blog, personal website, FaceBook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or email. If applicable, indicate that you have published the article elsewhere or that it is an excerpt from your (linked) book.

Payment As a service to the HBCU community, our publication is offered at no cost. Consequently, if you submit your article for consideration and it is accepted, you agree to forgo remuneration.

How to Submit Your Article

Submissions are accepted via email. By emailing your article to us, you warrant that you have written the article and own the rights to it or own the rights to someone else's work. In either case, you agree to grant us the right to publish the work in our newsletter.

You give us permission to edit your work for reasons not limited to length, style, and clarity and to hold us blameless if we are unable to print the work.

Click here to send your submission using your email client. Thank you for your interest and support. Please note that we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of material submitted through email.