What We Do

Unparalleled Quality. Unmatched Dedication.

The Wesley Peachtree Group, CPAs (WPG) is an audit, tax and advisory firm. We offer a wide range of services within these broad categories to meet the needs of our clients. We also provide services as a diversity partner.

Audit and Assurance

WPG’s independent audits are performed under the leadership of seasoned professionals who understand complex accounting principles and compliance requirements. Our assurance and internal audit services are likewise assigned to knowledgeable and capable associates.

WPG uses technology and internally developed efficiencies to deliver superior services quickly. We also have a quality review process to ensure each and every service meets our strict standards. More than that, WPG communicates critical information to audit committees and management alike with integrity, transparency, and strict confidentiality.

Fraud and Forensic Investigations

Occupational fraud, including asset misappropriation and fraudulent financial statements, is a serious problem nationwide. WPG’s fraud and forensic investigation professionals are here to assist our clients resolve such issues when they arise. According to the bi-annual Report to the Nation published by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, asset misappropriation continues to be the most common type of occupational fraud. Financial statement fraud, however, remains the most costly. In either case, WPG is here to help clients properly respond to the growing problem of fraud.


WPG provides federal and state tax planning and reporting services for business and not-for-profit entities. Our tax professionals provide sound advice on the myriad of tax issues our clients encounter. WPG is happy to help our clients to simultaneously minimize taxes and comply with the ever increasing and complex web of tax laws and regulations.

Advisory and Consulting

Growth and sustainability are vital to us and our clients. Every decision is important and strategic planning is more essential now than ever before. WPG helps clients to assess their operational effectiveness and we make realistic recommendations for improvement. We are duty bound to help our clients navigate through the continually changing economic landscape. In fact, WPG is successful because we help our clients achieve results by providing exceptional advisory services.

WPG offers a wide-range of consulting services. From outsourcing and temporary staffing solutions to pre-audit preparation assistance, WPG provides top notch services.